A Career in Broadcasting

Benefits of a Career in Radio & TV Broadcasting, Events Management, Radio & TV Production, Photography, Sound Engineering, Editing, Film Making, Copywriting, Public Speaking, Dee Jay Science

 Why Students Select The Institute of Broadcasting Careers


Since 1989 the Institute has trained hundreds of successful Radio & TV Broadcasters, Talk & Music show hosts, Reporters, Photographers, Dee Jays, Voice Over artistes, Sound Engineers, Producers and a host of others.


Career Services

As a graduate of the Institute of Broadcasting Careers you will have the benefit of the Career Services offices to assist you in your job search.

  • Excellent Academic Programs
  • Intensive Fundamentals training.
  • Small class sizes.
  • Many studio classes.



The majority of our faculty are part-time. They are well qualified and have met the Institute’s high standards. They have many years of experience as teachers.


Certificate Awarded

Students are awarded a prestigious Certificate that employers and members of the community have come to respect over many years due to the high level of skills it represents.