Percy Parker-Williams

When  founded the Institute of Broadcasting Careers in 1989, he was (and still is) a nationally recognized authority in advertising. He believed the Institute should “provide the best instructors, attract the best students, and neglect nothing that will help them to build successful careers.” The same goals and traditions hold true today.

Percy started Parker-Williams Productions Ltd. in 1981 and has been responsible for such ads as Mario’s Pizza while at Christiansen and Belgrave Ad Agency, Bongo Wafers, and Soft & Pretty toilet tissue at Corbin Compton Communications. At PWP he excelled and revolutionized advertising in Trinidad & Tobago with ads such as DET Insecticide with Calypsonian Brigo; Diquez Petroleum Jelly with “Bumble Bee” and “Comedian Oliver from Jamaica”; as well as the Pennywise Cosmetics Campaign with whom he has had a Client/Agency relationship with for 25 years. Over the years, a host of other products became #1 on the market. Mr. Parker-Williams’ is widely known for his exceptional creative commercials.

Percy is our current Managing Director. During his tenure, he has established short, affordable Certificate courses. He has maintained the Institution’s tradition of excellence while developing new programs and initiatives to ensure the continuing quality of education for future generations.