Radio Broadcasting


Pronunciation, proper speaking techniques, effective communication, writing & voicing commercials, hosting talk & music shows, writing/sourcing/editing news, the business of radio, the art of adlibbing, interviewing techniques, interview in-studio and on location and more…

Television Broadcasting

Be a TV news anchor, presenter, sports, weather and news reporter.  Learn pronunciation, proper speaking techniques, effective communication, interviewing techniques, live reports, write and edit news, interview in studio and on location and more…

Public Speaking

Learn about managing anxiety, breathing power in your voice, discovering your natural tone, speaking so others will listen, connecting with your audience, the voice as the actor, bringing words to life, the music of your voice, body language and lots more….

Television Production

Learn camera operations, master lighting techniques and sound.  Learn to produce and direct shows. Film commercials, music videos, documentaries, weddings and short films. Film in studio and on location. Learn to edit using the Adobe Suite (Premiere Pro CS 5.5, Illustrator, Photoshop, ENCORE for DVD production etc.) *MUST BE COMPUTER LITERATE

DJ Science

Learn the fundamental tools to become a world class DJ. Learn SERATO “Scratch Live” in detail.


DJ Science Teaser


DJ Science Promo



Sound Engineering (Live Sound)

Learn the fundamentals of sound. Equipment overview. Effects and processing. Microphones. Equalization. The mixing console. Mixing techniques. Sound system overview. Sound system hook up. Drum kit and more…

Photography (Introduction)

Lens distortion and perspective. Depth of field. Exposure. White light balance. Metering. Shutter speed. Shooting parameters. Introduction to studio lights. Camera operation mode. Flash photography. Composition. Costing and Copyright and more…


What makes a Journalist and what is Journalism. The Elements of Journalism. The Various Forms of Journalism. The Fundamentals of News Writing. Reporting, Writing and Editing. The Six commandments of News Writing. Writing a Lead, Tone and Interviewing. Gathering and Packaging. Editorial Approval Criteria . Interviewing Skills. Research. Presenting and more…

Event Management

Learn event planning and types. Budgeting. Event marketing logistics. Risk management and resource allocation. On-site management. Event protocol and evaluation. How to start your own business.  International events focus, field trips and more…

Graphic Design

Adobe illustrator

Working with illustrator tools. Working with illustrator pallets. Creating basic shapes. Creating blends. Drawing in illustrator. Tracing a template with segment and stroke lines. Importing and working with a template. Working with pixel based images. Creating a colour card. Creating and colouring pattern swatches and more….


Basic image editing. Selection basics. Layer basics. Colour theory and colour correction. Painting. Raster vs. Vector based images. Working with mask and channels. Typographic design and more…..

*must be computer literate

Advanced Video Editing

Learn to edit like the pros. Take your skills to a whole new level. Lift the look and quality of any production. Learn animation principles. Create exciting motion backgrounds. Learn to create music videos, special effects and more. Learn to use all these professional grade software:

  • Intro to 3D programs CINEMA 4D and MAYA.
  • After effects
  • Premiere pro/ Final cut/ Avid media composer
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Adobe Encore


Radio Production

Learn to package audio commercials. Edit audio for broadcast using Adobe Audition, Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Logic Pro. Learn to create and edit station I.Ds, liners, stingers, montages and more using modern techniques and more…


Photography Intermediate

Learn studio lighting with multiple lights. Portraiture. News photography. Caption and wiring images. Weddings, Glamour, Fashion, Food and Table top Photography. Photoshop and more…



Information coming soon. Please contact us directly for more information.

Recording Engineering

Recording Engineer, producer, and Beat maker course.

Learn the fundamentals of audio recording, producing and beat making, music theory, chord progression and create a mix that sounds good on any system.