Sophia Khan-Daniel

Sophia Khan-Daniel aced the auditions at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (Florida campus – Florida, U.S.A.) and was awarded a partial scholarship.

Sophia has over ten years broadcast experience. She began her career many moons ago at the now defunct N.B.N. She also worked at H.C.U.Commuications – Radio Shakti, C.N.M.G’s Sweet 100.1fm and Talk City 91.1fm.

She prides herself in being a well-rounded broadcaster whose duties included but were not limited to: writing commercials and live scripts, doing voice-overs, music shows, talk-shows and interviews, producing features and on air programs, reading news on both radio and television.

Sophia is also a successful entrepreneur and the proud mother of three amazing little boys.

She is currently involved in the daily operations of her family –owned business and is a lecturer at the “Institute of Broadcasting Careers”.

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