Stryker Regal

Chaz Mayers A.K.A “Stryker Regal” who is no newcomer to the business started officially in music at the young age of 12 with just passion and spare-time. Born on October 1st 1989 (yes he is that young) and raised in phase 4 La Horquetta amongst a wealth of other neighbourhood dj’s and Sound systems, Persistence in his development is what made the difference between him and them over the years. Although always heckled for being the youngest and least experienced around, Stryker saw this not to be an excuse and it was then he decided to start his own sound system with his brother called “Sound Boyz Alliance”. Under the guidance of Studio 53 this was the start of his journey and introduction into the mainstream industry.

After gaining sufficient knowledge of the business and fresh out of Tranquillity Gov’t Secondary, At just 18 years old Stryker was able to land a spot on 104.7Morefm! as a radio announcer commanding two prime time shifts weekly (thurs 12-3pm & Fri 5-8pm) gaining the hands-on experience and understanding of radio. Stryker’s ambition and undeterred hunger for progress led him to joining the Dragon Sound System where the move further facilitated his development, growth and knowledge of music.

It took roughly about six months before adversity struck and another opportunity presented itself, this time in another aspect of the Media, Which was Journalism and News Reporting at I95.5fm/Red96.7fm and it was during this period that he was also able to work his way onboard one of the most reputable sound systems in the country that also influenced him greatly X-Caliber Disco. Under the mentorship of veteran DJ Dawge E Slaughter, Stryker’s experience and abilities grew immensely and his eyes were then opened to new aspects of the business, from touring to Sound clashes.

Now pursuing a solo career as a Dj as well as his Degree in Mass Communication, Stryker Regal can now be heard on Red96.7fm and be seen in some of the most talked about events near you. The future looks bright for this young and talented optimist!..and indeed “To Whom much is given, much is expected”

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