Vidia Ramphal

Vidia S. Ramphal is sportscaster and a Producer/Presenter with 91.1FM Talk City, part of the Caribbean New Media Group. He successfully completing his broadcasting course at the Institute of Broadcasting Careers in 2000, securing his first job on the air before the course had ended. He has since worked for Experience 100.1FM (now Sweet 100FM), Radio 610 and Classic Radio 91.1FM (now a talk station).

Vidia entered the field of Sportscasting in 2005 with WMJX 100.5 under the guidance of former TTT sports anchor Tony Harford. He then moved to CNMG in 2006 and has also worked with the West Indies Players Association. Vidia has done commentary on international cricket and football matches and commands a wide knowledge of local and international sport. Vidia has also done commentary on cycling and motor racing.

Vidia Ramphal holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of the West Indies and is currently reading for a BA in Mass Communications.

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